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Late Night @ The Con!

Late Night @ The Con ([email protected]), is a late night, web-talk show, that is filmed on location at conventions.

Filmed in a similar fashion to the popular late-night and news satire comedy shows on american television; [email protected] aims to showcase the Convention, and show viewers who both attended or did not, what events they may have missed at the Convention.

[email protected] is filmed in front of a live audience. There are select segments on the show that require audience participation, and audience members have a chance to win various prizes!

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Geeks are not the socially inept, awkward, push-overs that we have scene on TV.

A group of friends deal with real issues, every day annoyances, and try to figure out what they need to do to succeed in life, all the while defending the fandoms the hold dear to them, going to cons, and kicking digital ass online.


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Up-coming Projects

Con Survival Guide

Con Survival Guide is a new, informational, DIY, and educational show about the world of conventions. On this show, you will learn the ins and outs of conventions (anime, comic, video gaming, etc…) but not just as a regular convention attendee, but also as a vendor, organizer, and guest.



Anime Club

Jeremy, a graphic design major, is coaxed into joining the college Anime Club by his roommate, Aaron, in an effort to keep the club afloat.

It's there he deals with the shenanigans and craziness of the club and its members.

Cammie, the outspoken member with a guilty pleasure for ecchi.

Vance, the abrasive know-it-all glued to his smart-phone.

Zach, the ne'er do well, envious, furry.

And Chloe, a trans-gendered woman and Jeremy's love interest.



Last Henshin Heroes

Images are for concept only. All rights reserved by their original copyright holders.

When the world is in danger from threats both the beyond and mystical; the only people who have the power to defend Earth, are a group of heroes that have one thing in common: the ability to henshin (transform).

The law and order of space: The Intergalactic Cops.

The soldiers of love and peace: The Elemental Sailors.

The team of power and justice: Super Task Force.

The insect defenders: The Bug Bikers.

The towering guardian: Titan.

The ultimate test came 5 years ago. Earth was invaded by the Andros; a space-faring military scavenging planets for resources to power their war-machine.

After a short but grueling battle, The Henshin Heroes cemented that earth was defended, and the planet entered a period of peace, but not without sacrifice. Only one member of each team survived.

Five years later, the Andros have decided to return, and the last of the Henshin Heroes must team up and defend the earth again.

Last Henshin Heroes is an homage/love letter to the Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Ultraman, and all things Tokusatsu.



Paranormal Division

Unbeknownst to the public, the paranormal is real.

Vampires, Werewolves, and magic are common, and those who are one with the paranormal want to live normal lives. These are the strange ones you may see during the late shifts at 24 jobs or social groups.

If a crime related to the paranormal is committed; it is up to the Paranormal Division to solve it.

Alexa "Lex" Zedler has just turned 21, and is realizing strange things are happening around her.

James Solomon, a high-ranking, immortal, detective from the Paranormal Division, reveals to Lex that her father was his partner. He also reveals that she is a Witch, and needs her magic to unlock a mystery that her father was solving.




Four Police Officers from four different points of time (1946, 1969, 1986, & 2120) are mysteriously teleported to present day.

The only things they have in common are that they are cops, working in the same city, solving the same crime, and have the same badge number "188".

While attempting to solve the mystery behind their sudden time travel; they continue their call of duty, while dealing with the modern trials and tribulations a cop goes through.